Know Your Impact On The World


Together we all need to make a change to help our planet get back to being healthy and sustainable to all species.  There are so many aspects of our everyday life that need to change and Fair-Well has chosen to focus on food waste, household waste and the community.  To do this we need to make plastic free options accessible and convenient. We believe if we live healthy & sustainably, the world will be healthy. 


It's sometimes hard to find products that reflect more than one good business practice in one product. We believe in so many things but the products out there only provide us with one or the other, organic but not environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly but not Fair-trade, great product but part of a multinational company, Organic and Fair Trade but in single-use plastic packaging. So we thought, how amazing would it be if we could provide customers with products that had all these great business practices with all their products and have them plastic free?!  Our main objective is to reduce plastic usage in our everyday essential products while giving back to the community.  We home deliver organic and natural products to our customers to make buying plastic free more convenient. 

We hope to start a movement where all households do their best to reduce their plastic use!



You need to be a resident of Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Dartmouth Park, Hampstead, Hilldrop or Caledonian neighbourhood

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Pick a day & time when you need Fair-Well. We deliver from Wednesday to Sunday. We will come within 1 hour in the time you requested.


Prepare your empty jars so when we arrive, you are ready to shop. & don't forget to use the ones you already have: Tupperware, water bottles, jam jars...


We are coming to your street and will let you know exactly when we arrive with a text message.