Finding Containers For Your Refills

As you may have noticed, we don't provide any containers. First because we have a limited space in our electric van. You then might say, "What about paper bags?"... no we don't provide them either. This is because we think there are enough containers already made that you can find at home and you can reuse for a refill purpose.

We always say "start with your recycle bin". A water bottle can become a hand-wash container. A jam jar can keep your cashews. a Tupperware for your rice....yoghurt containers for your oats....and etc...

If you want to opt for more long lasting solutions, have a visit to your local charity shops. They often sell old-fashioned glass or ceramic jars and if you are lucky, you might even find vintage metal boxes.

And for a stylish solution, why not sewing your own fabric bags. Super handy solution as you can hang them in your cupboards, decide the size, and they take no space at all when they are empty. If sewing is not your thing, then you can contact Roxane. Not only she is one of our happy refillers, from Tufnell Park, but also she has started a really nice project to collect unwanted fabrics and to give them a second life. A lot of the fabric she uses comes from either clothes, bedding, table cloths or remnants, that she will transform in stylish everyday useful items. This means that each item is truly unique which makes them extra special. Each item has labels explaining where the fabric comes from. How cool is that. The plus plus is that you support a local small business.

So head over to her site and get some unique fabric bags for your next refill shopping here.

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