Bicarbonate of Soda


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Fill Refill Co

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product information

The strength of the bicarbonate of soda can do wonders for tough kitchen or laundry stains. It’s also effective in getting rid of odors, and can be used as a household deodorant for furniture and carpets, and to keep both the fridge and freezer smelling fresh.


100% sodium bicarbonate


For boosting laundry: add 2 tbsp to the machine drawer

For hard surface cleaning: mix 1:100 in water

For absorbing odours: sprinkle in the bottom of bins or containers


Delivered Plastic Free

about the brand

Fill is a range of refillable eco laundry & household cleaning products that look cool, work great & reduce packaging waste. Supplied in 20l post-consumer recycled (pcr) refills and returnable bulk 200l (we can also do 600l & 1000l) containers that we pick up and refill for a zero waste closed loop solution.

They make everything themselves, at their own family-run factory in Northamptonshire with real chemists combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern & effective eco cleaning & laundry products. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. No single-use plastic bottles. Less waste.

Fill is for everyone who’s interested in a better way to clean.

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