Small Apple Pieces Organic

nutritional info
per 100g
Energy359kcal / 1517kJ
of which Saturates0.0g
of which Sugars68.0g

We don't provide any packaging, so you must bring your own container. If you know the exact weight you need, please select "by weight (g)" and enter the number of grams. Alternatively, you can choose to bring your container and simply "fill it up" or fill it "half full" etc. Since all containers vary in size, if you choose one of these options we'll weigh and price your order when you collect it. Your selection helps us estimate how much to bring with us.


product origin


product information

Apples are peeled, cored and dried


*Organically certified ingredient


Great snacks for kids & toddlers or Delicious as a topping for your porridge, yoghurt, granola or muesli.


PE 12kg bag sealed in carton box


Allergen handling policies and procedures are in place through the supply chain to reduce thelikelihood of cross contamination from allergens, however this cannot be guaranteed.

about the brand

Essential Trading is an inspiring example of a successful Worker Co-operative business in action. Their commercial success enables us to;

Continue to build and strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers, offering world class service levels in all aspects of our business.

Provide a sustainable business model that is mutually beneficial and fair.

Offer a stimulating and supportive environment for all workers, respect for the individual and a strong sense of business purpose.

Continue to reduce their environmental impact locally, nationally and globally.

Become the vital link between small producers and the Independent Trade Sector with their ongoing commitment to ethical values and sourcing.

Recycling their success into strengthening communities, both locally and globally.

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