Reusable Organic Cotton Milk Bag


We don't provide any packaging, so you must bring your own container. If you know the exact weight you need, please select "by weight (g)" and enter the number of grams. Alternatively, you can choose to bring your container and simply "fill it up" or fill it "half full" etc. Since all containers vary in size, if you choose one of these options we'll weigh and price your order when you collect it. Your selection helps us estimate how much to bring with us.

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Ah Table!

product information

product information

This organic cotton bag has a conical shape. dimension top: 35cm, bottom 15cm. Handcrafted in India. with 2 cotton strings.


100% pure organic cotton


Use this organic bag to make oat, coconut, almnond or any other vegetal milk . Or use it as a normal produce storage bag, ideal when you do refills


packaging -free


oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk

about the brand

Ah! Table!® is a brand belonging to Ecodis, enterprise specialising in eco-product design.Useful and long-lasting hand-crafted products that are carefully selected for a natural, welcoming and environmentally friendly kitchen!

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