Reusable Makeup Remover Pads x18


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Jungle Culture

product information

product information

reusable makeup remover pads are made using a blend of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton fibres. This 18-piece makeup pads set includes 15 ultra soft cotton and bamboo fibre makeup remover rounds, intended for use with all skin types and on sensitive skin regions such as the eyes.

Additionally, we include 3 plastic-free bamboo microfibre Terry pads that are designed to give your skin a deeper clean & cleanse, remove stubborn makeup and exfoliate your skin.

9.3 Million wet wipes are flushed down the toilet every year in the UK alone. Make a sustainable switch to eco-friendly makeup pads today and start your zero waste journey!


15 x Ultra soft organic cotton and bamboo fibre makeup rounds
3 x Reusable bamboo fibre Terry pads
2 x Cotton wash bags (Machine washable)
This set includes 3 exfoliating textured Terry pads, ideally suited to removing even the most stubborn of makeup


Your reusable makeup pads are made to last for years. The set should last up to 300 washes if taken care of properly.

Our soft makeup pads are designed to remove light make-up, clean your skin and be used on sensitive areas such as your eyes.

Our Terry pads are designed to give your face a deeper clean, remove stubborn makeup and they can also be used to remove face masks or as an exfoliating tool.

Your makeup pads can be used damp or dry. Before applying lotion to your pads, ensure that they are dampened with a few drops of water, spread evenly across your pads.

– Please wash your pads before first use.
– To wash your pads, place them in the bag provided and tie the string in a double knot. Wash on a 40C cycle without fabric softener.
– If your pads become stained, leave them to soak in white wine vinegar and lemon juice for an hour before washing them again. Don’t worry if the stain is not completely gone, the pads will still function perfectly and the natural properties of vinegar will also make them softer!



about the brand

Jungle Culture’s philosophy is to inspire people to see the beauty & purpose in nature. They create earth-friendly and functional goods sourced directly from independent artisans & makers from all over the world. They believe in fair and honest manufacturing and care deeply about building relationships with the local communities that they work alongside.
Jungle Culture products are sustainable, zero waste and 100% plastic-free. Their philosophy centres around the conservation and protection of the Earth.

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