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Mouthwash tablets are an alternative to the traditional plastic bottled mouth washes. A small bottle of 120 tablets provide 2-4 months worth of mouth wash if used once a day. No more large plastic bottles in the bathroom. They’re great for travelling too.


Sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, sodium benzoate, natural colouring, menthol, natural flavouring


Place 1 tablet in a glass with around 20ml of clear water, allowing the tablet to completely dissolve. Gargle for abpout 30 seconds, then spit out.


Cardboard with compostable bags.

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They have been working hard to formulate a range of products that promote good oral care while reducing our plastic pollution at the same time. Their toothpaste tablets are recommended by dentists to leave your teeth and gums feeling clean and healthy. They will not compromise on the health benefits and why not reduce our plastic pollution at the same time!

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