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product information

Ginger, Zingiber officinale, is a flowering herbaceous perennial in the Zingiberaceae family whose rhizome, Ginger root, is used extensively as both a spice and a herbal medicine. Growing around 1m tall, Zingiber officinale has pale yellow flowers with purple edges that arise directly from the rhizome on separate shoots.
Ginger – in the same family as Turmeric, Cardamom and Galangal – was one of the first spices exported from Asia, arriving with the spice trade into Europe, and was popular in ancient Greece and Rome.
Organic Herb trading source Indian Ginger from the Kerala and Karnataka regions where growing conditions are ideal. They work closely with the local Ginger farmers and suppliers in India ­­– who are pioneers of certified organic and fair agriculture – to review growing and processing methods to achieve the best-quality crop.
The plants are grown in complex ecosystems of many different crops, all complementing each other and making use of available resources. For example, Ginger enjoys some shade, so grows well under Coconut palms, Jack fruit and Gliricidia trees, which in turn have Pepper vines growing up their trunks.
Flavour Spicy, hot, pungent, rooty, earthy, slightly lemony
Odour Pungent, sharp, citric


100% Organic Ginger Powder


1kg food grade plastic bag in paper bag


Allergen handling policies and procedures are in place through the supply chain to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination from allergens, however this cannot be guaranteed.

health benefits

Widely used as an ingredient in food and drink across the world, there is also some evidence to suggest Ginger can work as an anti-inflammatory and improve digestion; the root has been well-used in traditional medicine for centuries.

about the brand

The Organic Herb Trading Company is a supplier of organic herbs and spices. It was founded by Mike Brook in 1982 in a small village called Hambleden near Henley-on-Thames. Over the last 30 years, the company has grown and sourced the UK’s largest range of ingredients for a diverse range of customers in the herbal tea, food, health, and beauty markets.

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