Bulghur Organic

nutritional info
per 100g
Energy375kcal / 1514kJ
of which Saturates0.2g
of which Sugars1.4g

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product origin


product information

Bulgur is a common ingredient in cuisines of many countries of the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin. Bulgur wheat is a cracked wheat made by blanching groats (the hulled kernels of the grains) which are then crushed into smaller fragments. It’s commonly used in Middle Eastern dishes such as stews and salads (like tabbouleh), or simmered in milk for a pudding or porridge.


Organic Durum Wheat


Cover the grains in about 2-3cm with boiling water with a bouillon if you like for more flavour.
Cover the bowl with a plate or tea towel, and leave to soak for 20-30 mins until all the water is absorbed.
Fluff the grains with a fork, then toss into salads or serve alongside other dishes.


Product is packed directly into 25kg paper bag grade multi-wall paper sack


Allergen handling policies and procedures are in place through the supply chain to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination from allergens, however this cannot be guaranteed.

health benefits

Bulgur wheat’s health benefits come mainly from its high-fiber content as a whole grain.

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