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Hampstead - Kentish Town - Dartmouth Park - Tufnell Park - Holloway - Archway- Caledonian

"FAIR-WELL are amazing and I couldn't recommend them enough! We have filled our jars with delicious food and refilled our laundry liquids and hand soap all outside our door twice already and will be booking again -  a lot!"

—  Gabby

—  Gabby

How it works

1 - Check Our Catchment area
We cover Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Belsize Park, Highgate, Archway, Dartmouth Park, Hilldrop & Caledonian.
2- Prepare your containers
that might be glass jars, plastic bottles, Tupperware,...
3 - Check our products
We stock healthy organic or natural products.
4- Even Beauty & Cleaning Liquids
when it comes to your body & home, we wanted to bring safe, natural & efficient products.
Our Beauty products are from Faith in Nature & our cleaning products are from BioD.
5 - Book Charlie
Charlie the van is fully electric.
6 - Refill where you live
Fair-Well helps you to conveniently reduce your plastic usage. Come with your neighbours and be the change in your street.
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Refill shopping has never been so convenient and so convivial

5 - Book Charlie

Charlie the van is fully electric.

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